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BeFrank is the online feedback platform for graphic designers. No more frustrating creative blocks. With our 1-for-1 commenting you’ll get the second opinion you need, regardless of time and place or how many colleagues or designer friends you have available!

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Thanks for hunting @casper_nielsen @danielbech please tell us more about your history and what is driving this mission to build Be Frank 🙂
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@abadesi The project started about 1,5 years ago, with the realization that there was no obvious go-to website to get constructive feedback as a graphic designer. Most responses we got on our work were blatant self-promotion such as "good job, plz check out my portfolio". Having just graduated the study of visual communication, we set out to develop the tool we felt were missing. Our first step was to test the initial idea of an honest design community, so we started BeFrank as a Facebook site. Quickly we discovered, that constructive feedback really was on high demand, as more than a thousand members joined the community within a few months. The Facebook site is still going strong, and can be found here: With great support from Facebook, we started working on the actual feedback platform we initially had envisioned. After more than a thousand hours of sketching, designing and prototyping we succeeded in creating what we believe to be the future of design feedback. And we're proud to finally present the concept for BeFrank on Kickstarter - where you'll find more in-depth descriptions, a project timeline and information on how to access the BeFrank beta.
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The currency aspect is key here. Great solution to more meaningful commenting.
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@bryceoflife Thank you Bryce!
Bold move trying to use Kickstarter for this! I'm a bit fan of the mission of the platform and the design looks great too! When are you planning to launch?
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@walsh_ldn Hi James! Yes, we at BeFrank love bold moves! It's ambitious, but nonetheless we also seek to start conversation around design feedback and get more people to engage in deeper discussions around their own and others ongoing work. If the Kickstarter is a succes, all BeFrank backers will get access to the Beta in the fall of 2018. The public launch is set to summer 2019.
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