Before the Echo

A rhythm RPG. Battle to the beat.

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(This used to be called Sequence, but then legal happened.) This game is hard. You're beatmatching attack, defense, and magic all at once. I never managed to get far, and I'm fairly good at rhythm games. (But, I'm pretty poor at RPGs, so that could be a factor.) Helping the game is the fact that it has a very self-aware style. There's plenty of meta-humor, but it's not just to mask a weak story or anything like that. Soundtrack is all music by Ronald Jenkees and Michael Wade Hamilton. There's a sequel, There Came an Echo, which is a voice-controlled strategy game. So, these guys definitely like to mash up genres.
@hupfen interesting concept but not a huge fan of all the mashups.
Wow, this looks really cool. I love rhythm games. Sort of reminds me of rhythm Puzzle Pirates. GET!