Drum machine game with 200+ spicy beats 🌢

Think you can finger drum?
Think again.
BEET is the finger drumming game that puts your grooviness to the test.
Play over 200 spicy beats designed by real producers.
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Hi Product Hunt! I made BEET to help improve my sense of rhythm. It's kind of like Simon Says, but with a drum machine. The app plays a beat, and you repeat what you heard using the buttons on the screen. The app scores you based on how well you matched the original beat. BEET is shipping with 240 levels designed by real producers representing a wide variety of genres and production styles. Have fun jamming! πŸ˜€πŸŽ§
Would've been really cool if your video had sound!
@ivanisawesome @rotatoapp any way to get sound in the exported video?
@ivanisawesome @rotatoapp @danielkuntz0 I usually just drag my clips directly from Rotato into iMovie, and then drag in an audio track as well. Made this one yesterday, with sound
Google Play me and I'll play you :)
Honestly, this sounds like fun and my kids and I'll try it out when I get home to my iPad.