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BeerPreneurs is a curated directory of breweries all around the world. It covers 21 regions with over 350 breweries with their address, rating, price range, tips and photos. And it is growing each day. Each region consists of breweries with the highest ratings we gathered from Foursquare. Check it out and start discovering local breweries.

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Hi Product Hunters! It is my first time on PH. As a beer maker and drinker, I decided to create directory that includes breweries all around the world. So that myself and other craft beer lovers can discover breweries in their city or add places to their next trip. For now, we have over 350 breweries yet it is growing each day. You can also request listing, write reviews or bookmark places. So grab a beer and checkout some amazing breweries!
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@ataman_girisken Great product ! And good luck. We're working on a restaurant discovery iOS app - Orgaknife. One of the problems in discovery is to suggest restaurants according to the preferences of a group of people who're visiting together. We're trying to solve that. Your website looks great and that you dedicated it for finding beers is a great great idea. I'd love to collaborate with you on something since we're in the same market. Let's catch up! PS: Orgaknife also hunted today on PH. Would love your feedback here:
Cool idea, good luck!
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Sick! Will definitely forward this to a mate of mine who owns a brewery. Awesome idea! Cheers.
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@ronald I'd wanna grab a beer at your friend's brewery.. forward the info to me too.. : )
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amazing job! :) cool idea!
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a nice project for voyager beercoholics! I want it in my town too!!!
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