Beer Goggles

An AI-powered way to find your next favorite craft beer.

Staring at a tap list with 30+ beers? Not sure which one you'll like?

Just snap the tap list. In seconds Beer Goggles will give you description, style, and ABV for every beer on the list! Beer Goggles also includes links to beer reviews and ratings on popular craft beer social sites, so you can be sure you're ordering a good beer.

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Can it link to my Untappd to remind me (a) what I've already had (or suggest things I haven't), and (b) make suggestions based on my rating of beers I might enjoy? Or maybe the converse - suggest beers that deviate from my norm to break me out a little?
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@robert_horvick This. I constantly forget past one-off brews I've had and sometimes make the mistake of re-ordering the ones I chose to forget.
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@robert_horvick Not at the moment but Untappd integration is on the list. My experience with Untappd is that they are very, I'll say, conservative about third-party integrations because they really want you to use their app directly. But it's definitely something I'm planning to add!
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The app looks good - I'm looking forward to trying it out! I noticed that there is a 'Beer Goggles for Untappd' in the Apple App Store that does a similar thing - is this related to your app in any way?
@stutters It's not - just an unfortunately similar inspiration for an app name, I suppose. I've downloaded that app and it appears to be completely non-functional, too.