Beer Cap Trap

Beer accessories to help you proudly display your beer caps.

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Hey everyone! I'm the co-creator of! We create really unique bottle cap holders to display your beer caps in your bar, man cave, or office. We have all 50 United States of America, many different countries, and a lot of other unique shapes! We can even custom design them to order. They make great gifts for the beer-drinker in your life! Ask me anything.
@teddyespo No Canada or Québec :(
@jpvalery We actually do have Canada and Quebec! We're working on getting all of our products up on our website. EDIT: We have Canada! EDIT 2: We have Quebec!
Wine cork maps coming soon?
@lordtylerward We're working on a prototype! It's a little tricky to get the right hole shape that will hold the majority of wine corks. Send us an email and we'll keep you updated!
Suprised there is no 'world map' version here to collect beer caps in countries you have visited, that would be pretty cool.
@jasondainter That's a great idea! We'll work on it and get it up soon. Thanks!
I would recommend you showcase the products with a few caps in the main product shots.
@sebastienb Thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely consider this!