A straightforward app to invite friends for a beer.

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Time for a "Yo for X" collection @rrhoover ;)
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@bramk Time for that X app itself to be born! Huge vacuum that could be filled here it seems..
So now people get context. When do we as a tech community take it to the next level? Eg, 'Beer' + 'Beer' = 'Here are bars in between you guys'. Or, 'meet at this bar in 30 minutes'. If both people want beers, you have to go off platform, which kind of defeats the purpose of the app (in my opinion).
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I have this already. I think the app is called Messages.. uses SMS or something weird i know.
@ChuckReynolds bingo. make group - label it BEER, add members, send message "Beer?!", collect replies. Don't leave app. Solve a problem or make something more useful.
Yo, Beer - Exactly the same apart from the word. No value here at all. Users want value, no ? At least Beer has an external trigger and context. Unlike Yo - which is the modern Poke.
I wouldn't mind saving the extra 22 secs of finding names, typing the word, etc. That means extra time saved for one more beer.