Buy or sell a car on your iPhone

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This is pretty cool: --- I have a loan/lease. Can I still sell my car on Of course! We wouldn't be much of a revolution in the car industry if we didn't accept leased and financed cars, now would we? We'll happily help you sell a leased car or a car with a remaining loan. We'll even handle all the paperwork for the process, and deal directly with the bank. Selling a car without needing to deal with a bank or dealership, how can it get better than that? --- Wondering if this is US only...
The direct download links for the Beepi app on the App Store is -
I think this product deserves better representation here. Tried to locate Israeli founders Omer Savir and Aljandro Reznik. Maybe @benln can help?
@sshakeel Thanks for the hunt! The app is available outside the US app store, however you can only buy a car if you're in US.
@arpwal Same goes for selling I believe? You have to be in US to be able to sell?
@sshakeel thats correct!
Beepi was on PH two years ago.
@dshan they just launched their iphone app today