Record and listen to anonymous voicemails.

beepFM is an interactive audio experience where users can record and listen to anonymous voicemails. You can leave a secret, memory, confession, rant, apology, desire, story, dream, ambition, or anything else you’d like to get off your chest.
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Hi Hunters 👋 I'm excited to share another fun little side project called beepFM🎙 You can think of beepFM as an internet radio station of anonymous voicemails — playing secrets, rants, stories, random musing and everything in-between. On repeat. 24 hours a day. By keeping the user anonymous, my hope is to create a space where people have the means to share things they may otherwise avoid, due to fear of judgement of consequence. The next milestone is 100 voicemails. So if you like the idea and have something you'd like to get off your chest, please consider recording an anonymous voicemail. (65 to go!) And be honest! After all, nobody knows who you are 🤫
I have a ideas on features to add and there's improvements I absolutely want to make (when isn't there...). But I'd love your input and ideas. So please don't be shy!
Is everything OK with your website? I can't open it for some reason :o
@andrew_zeivald Hi Andrew, thanks for letting me know! The site seems fine, but I'm also having troubles with the website link on PH. I'm looking into the cause now. If you have any dramas using please let me know 😊
@andrew_zeivald Having the same issue. Site not loading.
@lwsnbaker should be working now 👌
I could listen to this for hours!! You have ideas on features? Tell us. No don't. Just implement them and surprise us. They will be awesome. The background music is what does it for me. Congrats on really great product!!
@linden_thomas so glad to hear you're enjoying the idea! people have been recording all sorts of weird and wonderful and interesting things. I'm really excited to see if they keep coming. How about I compromise and share one idea 😂 With enough voicemails, I'd like to implement 'channels' and give listeners the option to tune into specific types of voicemails, like secrets, memories, rants, or apologies for example.