The first communication app that only young people can use

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Hey Product Hunt! BeepApp! is an app made for fun, it's made so that young people can communicate without the elders even noticing. Ask me any questions you might have! :) “Research shows that the human ear loses the ability to hear higher frequencies when we get older. The hearing is at its best among young people who are able to hear really high pitched frequencies, while people after 50 year aren’t able to hear frequencies over 14 000hz” - Martin Ljungdahl Eriksson, sonic designer.
I can hear it thank god
This is a hilarious and genius idea
@kristofertm Haha, thank you! :)
I pushed the button and couldn't hear anything. App must be broken. ;)
@zimmru Or you're just old? (I'm kidding, how old are you?)
My phone just makes a vibration sound! Is that the intended sound?