Beep Boop

Ridiculously simple hosting platform for Slack bots.

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Good morning! Thanks for hunting us @naveenaly! ;) We’re thrilled to be sharing Beep Boop with Product Hunt. Beep Boop is a simple, turnkey hosting platform for Slack bots. Created for developers, Beep Boop automates the configuration, deployment and management of your bots so you can focus fully on creating amazing Slack bots. Beep Boop integrates with GitHub and launches bots as Docker containers, meaning you’re free to write bots in the language or framework of your choice. Node.js, Python, Ruby, Go -- you name it, Beep Boop has you covered. Bots are wired for continuous deployment, so Beep Boop will automatically build a new version of your bot and upgrade running bots every time you push to the master branch. It’s easy to enable the “Add to Slack” button to allow anyone to launch your bot to their team and then submit any bot to Slack’s App Directory. This is our public beta release of Beep Boop, so we’d love for you to check it out and let us know what you think! We are here to answer your questions :)
You had me at bot
@orliesaurus haha, Viva la bots!
Awesome. Can just see something like this really doing well. This is certainly the year that these bots will emerge. BTW team, I will be contacting you in a few weeks in regards to something I'm working on ;)
@bentossell thanks for adding us Ben! Feel free to contact us any time. Cheers!
@iamhabitat what is the story here :)
@bentossell See Mike's post below :)
Thanks @bentossell ! We were running several bots of our own, some on Heroku, some on AWS and one on a Mac mini in the office. We LOVE Slack and use it obsessively. As a distributed team It is the fabric of our team communication and collaboration. We saw a lot of potential in the Slack developer and user ecosystem and started creating iterating on bot product ideas. Soon we were faced with this friction of where do we run this, how do we scale it, how do we manage it, and so we took a detour to build an internal platform that would allow us to take “more bot shots on net.” It wasn’t long before we realized this was the product we needed to build.
How meta, a slackbot that walks you through deploying a slackbot... Love it! (got mine going in a few seconds)
@afhill let us know if you have any questions at all Andrea. Thanks for checking out Beep Boop!
Thanks @afhill! let's meet up soon :)
Who designed the robot? It's dope as f***
@stephenmarklevi thanks! We're humbled to have the talents of @maaike_lambalgen . Maaike created the Beep Boop robot and all of the illustrations and @iamhabitat made all of the animations.
These guys are awesome. Very helpful with some problems I've run into. They're building the shovels for the next gold rush!
@dannyfreed Thanks Danny! 👍