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BeenThere is a social travel community connecting you to like-minded travellers around the world. Join individual communities in cities you visit and/or live in to plan, share, and book experiences together. BeenThere is your centralized hub for travel information. See the hot new things people are doing, and simply connect to chat and learn more!

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Hey Hunters! We are incredibly excited to be bringing this platform to you. Our mission with BeenThere is to solve the major issues in the travel market currently. Until now, you’ve spent countless hours across hundreds of websites sifting through posts from people who are not relatable to you. We’re betting you have most likely used poor information from these traditional forum based platforms. Our team and contributors ran into these same problems when travelling the globe on an international exchange. The best information we used, always came from personal recommendations, yet there is no platform fostering these conversations. BeenThere will solve these issues by connecting you with a network of people travelling to or living in the same city as you. You will be able to learn and share the best things to see and do with people day-in-day-out. Our goal is to give people a tool to find the best hidden gems ensuring everyone has the best experience they can. We want to work with every traveller to ensure we change the planning and travel process for the better! BeenThere’s Top Features: - List of travelers in your city to connect and share with - Instant messaging to have in-depth conversations to get the valuable information you really need - Aggregated feeds based on different travel topics (Living, Food, Tourism, Nightlife, and more) - Direct bookings on our platform through our affiliate network - Curated content about each city to get you started - Ability to save user-generated posts to come back to anytime Please reach out if you have any questions! We look forward to sharing this journey with you.
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Awesome! cool product guys, I founded a product related to travel as well. Would love to hear your feedback
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it is not working !
@mohammed_moaayed Hello Mohammed - is it the link that is not working for you? I was able to click on the website button above. However, see if this link works:
@beenthereinfo man it is not Working in Jordan , I used VPN to get access to your website
I would have preferred to know how limited the city list was before I bothered to signup. NYC isn't even on the list.