Been® Choice

Block Ads within apps (FB, Yahoo & NYT) and earn rewards

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This is awful.
"Introducing Been's iOS 9 Safari Content Blocker! Combine it with Been's tech for blocking in your favorite Apps to protect your entire iPhone."
I extremely like the approach to choose between privacy and earning rewards. Fair choice and great product concept. What I cannot get my head around is how this app can make money (which makes me doubt my privacy). I get a free VPN ad blocker, or I get paid. Either way, I'm using the VPN service, which must be expensive to offer for free.
[Update] Been Choice is taken down by apple. "Been Choice have taken it a step further, installing root certificates in order to block ads inside apps as well. The problem with that type of blocking is that it intermediates secure connections and exposes all your private internet traffic to the blocker."