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Mike Rowan
Mike Rowan@mikerowan · VP Labs @ SendGrid
It does a good job at what it says it does - simple, fast snap & share. If you need annotation you'll need to wait.
Carlo Dosso
Carlo DossoMaker@carlodosso
Annotation is now available on our platform! Be the first to test it and give your feedbacks. Thank you
Nicolo S
Nicolo S@coconidodev · Founder/CEO -
@carlodosso It looks amazing and really smooth! If you keep the features coming at this rate you'll have a great product in no time :D What's next in the pipeline by the way? I was thinking a referral system may be nice so users can suggest the website to their friends and get some perks e.g. new colours for annotation or more daily uploads etc.
Carlo Dosso
Carlo DossoMaker@carlodosso
Beem now uses it's own url shortner! 👍 😎. Paste it in your favorite sharing tools to test its seamless integration. Cheers
Sidney Zhang
Sidney Zhang@sidazhang · Uber
Skitch used to be a good product. But their development team must have fallen asleep because skitch's upload is extremely slow and has been for months. Now I use skitch and export it and upload to imgur. I will probably switch to this, when there is annotations.
Gabriel Song
Gabriel Song@gabsong · Product Manager
Looking to switch from Jing, but cannot annotate. Is this coming?
Carlo Dosso
Carlo DossoMaker@carlodosso
@gabsong all you dreamed of is matter of days! Annotation is coming!!!