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Read Kindle books faster/easier

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FYI, you don't need a Kindle device—this is actually an iPad app that gives you access to your Kindle books (which many people buy, despite not having an actual Kindle). We also have Chrome/Firefox extensions and a PDF converter, which you can find on our website: If you're on Android, you can read books with BeeLine with the ReadMe! app, which integrates our technology. If you're wondering about how the concept works from a perceptual standpoint, it's basically tapping into the fact that your peripheral vision is very sensitive to color. So when you move your eyes from right to left to find a new line, you can get to the correct line more quickly and easily.
@nicklum that's clever! Definitely going to check it out!
@nicklum Is breaking the DRM the only way to Kindle books on it? I wish Amazon would let other apps access its books.
@andrewwarner we definitely don't break DRM! We just load the Kindle Cloud Reader in a webview and then inject the color via JS. Simple and effective! Could work for other apps also, depending on the use case.
Hi, BeeLine creator here with a special offer for PHers! I've made the app free for today only, and I've set up a special code for a super extended free trial of our Kindle feature. We normally give users a 3-day free trial for this heavily-requested new feature, but with promo code "ProductHunter" you can get a 99-day free trial. Happy reading!
Tried BeeLine Reader out tonight & found it to be a fab reading experience on my iPad. For anyone who is dyslexic or has children who are dyslexic, BeeLine has the best Kindle book compatible mode for that I've seen. It can be adjusted in quite a few ways -- my reading buddies are going to love it.
A pretty cool concept! I'd love to test but I don't have a kindle 😖. Can you explain the gist of how it works?
@benburns Yeah, their approach is also not so great for comprehension and eye fatigue, according to researchers: