Find something to do right now IRL

With Beekn you can find something to do around you at any time.

Or you can broadcast whatever you're doing to the world inviting everyone to attend.

Beekn is for making new friends around anything big or small in many categories. - Academics: Make new study buddies. - Activism: Stand up for what you believe in. - Food: Get a bite to eat with someone new. - Games: Compete with new friends (or enemies.) - Media: Watch party anyone? - Music: Invite the world to your band's venue. - Outdoors: For those more adventurous. - Parties: Find parties or invite the world to yours. - Professional: Grow your professional network. - Sports: Organize a big sporting event.
I’ll be using it to check San Diego activity for sure.
@arickconley San Diego is our home base 🙌