Watch British TV from anywhere 🇬🇧📺

A jolly-good single purpose proxy to unblock British TV.
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Why did I make Beebs? My grandmother was on holiday in Spain was struggling to watch BBC, so I built this for her. Some fun info: - 10k MAU, 5K WAU, 1K DAU - 400TB per month - 40k installs came from one reddit comment. - Yes, it's legal. - Decided against paywalling my existing userbase, so new users = paid, old users = free.
@henry4 this is cool! but gotta teach me how to get 40k installs in one day lol
@edisonjoao6871 Just happened naturally, people needed to access to the BBC and my tool was the quickest/easiest way to do that.
This will come in handy when the new seasons of Dr. Who starts...
Unrelated to the Biebs I suppose
@rrhoover Sadly so. Thought it would have been an SEO disaster, but luckily not.
I don't mean to be "that guy", but how long until this will share the fate of all other VPNs that the BBC is currently blocking? We had a couple of years on VPN #1, then about a year on VPN#2 and the third lasted a month or two.
@andreasduess Absolutely no worries, it's always good to have a difficult question. Beebs is blocked about once every 3 weeks, we have plenty of back-up servers in place that starts redirecting traffic as soon as it happens. I don't want to give too much away here, but if the user blinks at the wrong moment, they won't notice the switch. We'd had maybe 3 hours downtime in the past year and that was mainly because of a domain expiring, school boy error. The main reason for it not working is that the user has installed another VPN extension afterwards. The joy of being a single purpose proxy, is that you can focus well on unblocking a few sites.
@andreasduess We've been active since 2016, they haven't gotten to us yet.
Nice, but is there a trial version?