Bee Inc. Cristal & Stool

Save the world with this piece of wood

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The description of this crowd-funding campaign is in Dutch, so let me explain it in a couple of sentences: it's a crystal or stool-shaped piece of ecologically responsible cut wood that has been optimised for the inhabitation of wild solitary bees (which don't sting: http://beestrawbridge.blogspot.n...) and do a much better job at plant-tindering than honeybees. Much has been said already about the importance of bees for our planet's ecosystem (for more, start here:, but rarely do products come along that are both aesthetically shaped and optimised for use in cities. This is the first project I've seen that ticks both boxes so I decided to back :) I have a super-small balcony but there's some wall space next to it, will hang this there and put some of the accompanied flower seeds in a balcony planter, hopefully it'll help :)