Bee for MacOS

Stunning Native Interface to JIRA, GitHub and Manuscript

The stunningly beautiful, fully-native issue tracker that you will want to use.

Effortless connectivity direct to your existing JIRA, GitHub or Manuscript server.

You'll get more stuff done and your team will love that you now actually update your issues instead of leaving them hanging.

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Hi ProductHunt, I've been building Bee for the last 8 years but this is the first time it's being featured on PH! It all started because I was working for a major media organisation in Sydney and I had to use JIRA. Our project manager loved using JIRA and wanted everything constantly up-to-date in it. But no one on the team liked using it, so it was a constant struggle. I always had that feeling of dread when opening the site. So slow. So confusing. So frustrating. Why why why!? I knew there had to be a better way and it was that time when Kinkless GTD, The Hit List and Things were out on the Mac and everyone was going crazy for GTD. I wanted a beautiful native tool like that for my issue tracking! And that was how I started down this journey of building Bee :) Bee 3 has just been released. The 3rd major release and the biggest and most ambitious so far. The UI was completely overhauled and redesigned. Now it's more slick, has much more Core Animation. And is much faster and smoother to boot. I feel like I've finally gotten to that place which I envisaged years ago.
While this product does look beautiful, it loses almost all of JIRA's capabilities. It's basically turning the tasks into a todo list. I can understand the need for removing JIRA's complexity and turning it into a very straightforward tasks list, but the power of JIRA lies in all the features that revolve around individual tasks. The other thing is that it removes much of the larger vision of the project (granted that to have a good larger vision on JIRA itself it takes a bit of setting up). The UI's super slick and it definitely looks much better than JIRA, but I don't think working on large projects would be easy with Bee, and JIRA is pretty much made for large projects.
@julien731 Thanks for your feedback. You've hit the nail on the head with regards to big projects. In Bee you still move your issues around sprints, columns and can use all the powerful workflow stuff you have inside of JIRA. Just in a much nicer way. A way that's tailored towards the individual who wants to get stuff done. You're coming at it from the perspective of a project manager. Bee was built for the developer or designer in the team who needs a list of issues and needs to be able to organise and categorise their issues the way they want. The people who design and develop don't need to see 5 columns arranged horizontally - that's the PM's job.
@basilshkara I agree that I'm probably not the right audience. To be fair, from a developer's perspective, Bee seems quite flexible and powerful in how you display your own tasks. I guess I'm just jealous that I can't use a product that looks so nice to view the data I need ;) Putting aside the fact that I personally need a different dataset, it is a really nice app that you've build here. One quick piece of feedback I'd share (based on the 10 mins I've tried the app) is that the lists management could be made more obvious. It feels like it's an important part of the app (for managing your different views) and yet it's not very visible.
@julien731 Yes you have a point. I'll have to think about making that part more obvious without sacrificing the usability of the UI. Traditionally Mac apps have a sidebar which displays their projects on the left-hand side. It always bothered me because I don't need to see all of my project names all of the time. Which is why I designed Bee with the menubar switcher. Thanks for the compliments on the design :)
@julien731 @basilshkara As developer, I can see the benefit of a streamlined interface for managing my tasks. I don't see Bee as a full replacement for JIRA, but I may start using it for managing my tasks on a daily basis.

I would prefer a "compact" mode that prevents the UI from waisting so much space on the borders, and an ability to reorder the content of tickets, but the app looks really good.


Really slick UI, and great responsiveness


The UX needs some work, and sometimes the app glitches a bit, like when resizing or on the list viewer

Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out

Great support, great tool, good outlook going forward. I'll have to write more when I have more time. :D


Stable, fast, helpful, productive, good user experience


Some rough edges where JIRA field data isn't available but our specific JIRA instance may need some config updates.