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Hello Product Hunt, the Bee team is excited to finally have launched! Bee gives you the chance to be featured by your favorite companies. From Beautycon to Nike, our site is designed to help you find your favorite brands and send your photos directly to the people who matter. You retain all the rights to your content, while our 200+ companies share your photo with the world (with photo credit of course). Thanks to everyone for voting and sharing! We can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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Thank you to Arjun Mehta for hunting us, and of course a huge shout out to my fellow makers. We are really proud of Bee and hope you like it. We are always looking to improve it, so let us know what you want in future versions!
Hey Product Hunt community, thanks so much for the support so far! I'm really curious to know what you'd like to see us build next into Bee, whether that's a mobile app experience, or more ways to interact with your favorite brands. Let us know in the discussion! Thanks 💛🐝💛
How will photographers earn money from this?
@thogenhaven Hi Thomas! Right now, Bee is about connecting you to your favorite brands. You are not paid in this version, because you are not selling anything. You retain all rights, and in return for limited brand use, companies multiply your exposure. If you are looking to get paid, lookout for future versions where you will be paid royalties for Bee photo shoots. However, we envision Bee as an alternative to being underpaid for your photos. With Bee, you have the option of making money or keeping complete ownership, getting the exposure needed to make top dollar. Hope this helps!
@lukas_huberman there is an unfortunate trend where big companies earn a lot compared to workers. Launching without paying photographers is a step down this wrong direction, IMO.
@thogenhaven @lukas_huberman Hi Thomas, we are sorry you feel that way. However, Bee is not about exploiting anyone, but about giving people a medium by which to display their work. If we paid photographers we would have to follow the unfortunate trend set by the big corporations. We would need to take the rights to their photos and pay them small cash amounts just to compete. We don't believe that is right, and so we simply facilitate interaction while letting the artists retain ownership of their content. We envision Bee as a way to create a better dialogue between fans and brands :)
@andrew_ullmann no you wouldn't. It's called licensing. Let the photographers license their work. I like your platform and for newbies it's great, but exposure doesn't pay rent.
@delwilliams Hi Del, the option to have your favorite brands serve as your PR team may be better for "newbies" as you say, but we like to think all photographers could use a couple million eyes on their work. However, there is no doubt that exposure doesn't pay rent, and we also have a paid licensing option. Unfortunately, we could not do both, and if you want to be paid for your content, the companies are not obligated to give you credit. If you want to hear more about our rights-managed licensing to companies let me know!
Such a cool idea. I love this.
@furnary Thanks James! Hope to see you getting featured through Bee ASAP!