Improve nightly rituals with bedtime stories & meditations

Sleep is something we do every day but hard to do right. Bedtime creates amazing content to get you excited about going to bed and put you to sleep once you’re there. They pair that with a proprietary sleep tracking system and smart alarm to wake you up at the optimal time each morning.

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Thanks Michael, Vaidhy and I built bedtime because we were having trouble sleeping. As we looked for solutions, we found that most of the advice for getting a better night's sleep required strong discipline, which turned sleeping into a chore rather than something joyful. We built bedtime to try and help people build healthy sleep habits by providing them a sleep utility and a library of original nightly content.

Love the concept - if this can deliver a better night sleep for me, I know that I'll be more productive during the daytime.

We have applications for physical exercise and even mental wellness - sleep is arguably more important than exercise or diet. It's about time! Can't wait to check out the content.


Increased energy levels are needed


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Love this. Great work y'all. 🙌
I've been using the app for a couple weeks now and it's helped me go to sleep. Really like the ASMR content, along with the free sleep tracker and smart alarm clock.
LOVE the idea of falling asleep with original content playing and knowing that my sleep is being tracked and that there's a built in alarm functionality that will make sure I'm not late in the AM. How do you create the content? And, how do you make sure it's interesting for a wide consumerbase, always original, and consistently new?
@johnexley Awesome question, we and our team of writers are hyper-focused on creating new and interesting content. We've built a system to create content that is fun enough to get you into bed but is actually designed to relax you into sleep once you are listening to it. Our team has experience writing fiction, meditations and creating soundscapes. The great part about having a full sleep platform is that we can focus on what content is actually helping users sleep better and double down on creating more content in that vein. And that's exactly what we're going to be doing for the next few months. We have new content launches lined up all summer to keep this interesting and to make everyone's subscription truly feel like an investment in themselves rather than a purchase.