bedr radio

A brilliant, beautiful, clock radio app for Android and iOS

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Hello to all Product Hunters, my name ist Chung and I'd like to show you our most recent app. bedr radio is an alarm clock radio app available for both iOS and Android. You may think that there are dozens of apps doing exactly that: wake you up with radio. And you are right! But: There is really, really no app (and I mean it) as good as the bedr radio app. Let me tell you why. The app is beautifully designed, a very clean UI and well thought-out functionality. Have you ever had trouble finding the "turn off" button on the screen when your alarm goes off? Sure, you have! Why not just tap on the screen to turn it off? With bedr radio you can do just this! Double-tap the screen and you are good to go! Want to snooze? Tap once into the screen instead. We have also made sure that the alarm goes off no matter what. A radio clock, that play radio streams from the internet, will always need a stable connection. Otherwise, the radio will fail to play. And you will definitely get late to work. This is the case, if you use just any app. bedr radio always plays a backup alarm sound if the radio stream fails. You can even set your own backup music. No need to worry about getting up late every morning! bedr radio for iOS has a rating of 4.5 stars (156 ratings). We have launched the Android version only a few days ago. You can get it from here Google Play Store: Apple App Store: demo video:
Technical stuff about bedr alarm clock radio: - 100% reliable due to integrated backup sound - simple, intuitive operation - over 8,000 radio stations from around the world - gentle alarm - snooze function - easily turn off the alarm by double tapping the screen - displays the song currently playing - automatic shut-off - integrated evening clock - accompanying music for sleep (sleep timer) - and much more! Hope to hear from you, thank you! PS: I have coupon codes available for the android version, that disables the ads in the app. If you need one, let me know.