Augmented reality mattress sizer

Bedder is the easiest way to choose the right sized mattress.

No measuring tape required -- Bedder uses augmented reality to display the six standard mattress sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and cal king) in your home before you buy them. Dimensions are accurate to within 2%.

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Hi PH, This is Chris Heinrich, one of the makers of Bedder. I was recently in the market for a new mattress and knew I wanted something bigger than my queen, but wasn't sure if a king or california king would be a better fit. Returning the wrong size mattress didn't sound like fun. So we created Bedder, a simple augmented reality app to project virtual mattresses in all of the six standard sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and cal king) in your home before you buy them. Since the app is made with ARKit the sizes are really accurate and you can walk around the mattress to see if it's a good fit. Would love to get any feedback or suggestions. I'll be around today to answer questions. Thanks! Chris

I recently bought a new mattress so I can definitely feel the pain point this app is solving. Clever idea to use AR to solve the problem. +1


Easy to use. Solves mattress sizing problem. Sheep to count :)


Would like to see more products than just mattresses

@esqrama Hey Rama!! Thanks for checking us out today πŸ˜ƒπŸ₯‘
this is awesome! I can see myself using this when moving into a new apartment. Do you plan to expand the product line beyond mattresses? Ideally, I could use one app to visualize how things will look in my bedroom and home (rugs, framed art, plants, furniture, etc)
@misha_laskin Thanks! We do plan to expand the product line, focusing on the bedroom first. The next products you can expect to see are bed frames, sheets, pillows, more mattresses and more sheep ;)
@misha_laskin That being said, we do have another AR app that has lots of furniture, rugs and more. Its available for free on the App Store:
Looks nice and quite useful!