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@bermster may have a field day evaluating these...
@gediminn a few questions 1) what's the story behind this / what inspired you to work on it? 2) why do other competitors struggle in the self-improvement space and what will you guys do differently?
It would be great to get some feedback too!
I made it for my own use about six months ago. Since then, I have been using it almost every day. I built Becomr as a place where all important information used for my self-development could be organized. It is very hard to track the progress of your goals: skills, finance, daily motivations, books to read, etc. Also, I have noticed that there are mistakes that I make again and again in my life. So now I can write them down for monitoring, test various ways of making best actions, and not repeat them over and over again. This especially helps with negative habits and instead change them into good ones :) So, the whole app really helps to make constant progress and improve my own life. I hope it will work for others too! Actually I am not so sure about what competitors are doing. I did the research before making this app, but I did not find anything that I was fully satisfied with. So I decided to invest some time to build something of my own. I am reaping a lot of benefits already, having used it for the past six months. It was worth it! Maybe competitors are struggling because it is difficult to engage people to make a real progress. It is a really hard thing to do. It is not hard to make the tool to organize stuff for the ones who are already motivated, But the most important task is to engage people for constant improvement. This will be my goal in making new functions. I think Becomr will become more social in order to achieve this.
@gediminas I'm struggling with using. e.g. goals are not just finance goals, where does advice go? Is finance app an actual manual budget? Generally, self tracking as an approach to change is not shown to be the most effective method. It is usually very difficult for most to do continuously and then people feel like failures :) Hope to see additional commitment, accountability interventions pop up in here that help bridge the intention action gap