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Show notes: A brief summary of David Heinemeier Hansson’s life & work up until this point How has DHH managed to balance so much with such success? How did DHH start work on Ruby on Rails and 37Signals with just 10 hours per week? The secrets behind David Heinemeier Hansson’s time management skills Group chat as a replacement for email: friend or foe? How the heck does David Heinemeier Hansson learn? How has he learned so much so quickly? The story of how and why DHH invented Ruby on Rails by learning from the best code & coders in the world The story of how David Heinemeier Hansson learned (and began dominating) auto racing Which surprising resources did David use for learning resources, which you can access right now? What “uncomfortable” and painful situations did DHH find in his pursuit of accelerated learning? In what ways does David Heinemeier Hansson leverage the beginner’s mindset and learn from others? What are the many commonalities between the SuperLearner methodology & DHH’s learning toolkit? What other areas of learning has David applied his learning toolkit or “template” to? Is there spillover between the areas David Heinemeier Hansson learns in? In what ways are programming, business management, and race car driving similar? What does “developing an eye” for something mean, and how can you do it? What does David mean by “operating at 2Ghz” in a race car, and how is it different from how others operate? A discussion of the “flow” state, neural networks, and what DHH calls the “residue” of flow Does David Heinemeier Hansson read a lot? If so, what does he read? What are the skills, routines, and habits that help DHH perform at such a high level? How has Stoicism impacted DHH and improved his life and his productivity? What, if any, are David’s next milestones or goals? What is he hoping to accomplish next? Why is David Heinemeier Hansson patently against having “goals?” How much happier is David today than he was decades ago living in a tiny apartment with no AC? Are there any major challenges that DHH is facing right now? What book or books have most impacted David Heinemeier Hansson’s Life? Where can you reach out to David or learn more about him? What one takeaway would DHH hope for you to keep with you for the rest of your life?
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@bentossell Thanks for sharing :) Glad you enjoyed the episode!
Great stuff guys. Never heard about this podcast, but obviously hooked now. Always appreciated @dhh's outlook on things!
@jondot @dhh Awesome! We are glad to have you onboard. If you liked this episode, you'll love our episodes with Chris Bailey, Gretchen Rubin, David Allen.... we have about 80 prior episodes, but start there.
@dhh is like the Sam Harris of software and business. His ideas are so clear, concise and insightful.
@joshuapinter @dhh Agreed! We've been trying to get Sam Harris on the show for a while but he's not doing interviews these days :(
Amazing talk! Tone of value tips. Thks!