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Owen FarMaker@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
Hey everyone, I'm Owen the author of this forthcoming book! I am fascinated with technology and how it can help enrich people’s lives. I’ve been on the internet world for the past decade, eagerly searching for the best strategies in web performance and user experience. I believe that the internet is underrated and most of us are blind from the hundreds of potential jobs it provides. Are you struggling to get started like I did? I want to teach you everything I have learned during the past decade of living in the world of web development. After years of developing I found methods that heavily improved my coding techniques. I became comfortable with focusing on both my life and what I loved doing the most (creating for the web). I want to show you all the little secrets and best tactics I have learned along the way. As the internet keeps growing, so are the available building tools, libraries, coding techniques, and the continuous advancements and improvements of web technologies and methodologies. I want to place you immediately in the right direction. No more time wasted searching for the best approach to begin developing. Start coding in no time, and rest assured you are doing it the right way! Please feel free to leave your thoughts here, and subscribe on the page provided to follow my updates and be notified when the book is released! Thank you :)
Rudray Namah@mathakoot · Tech Enthusiast
Curious - what is going to be the pricepoint, @owen?
Owen FarMaker@owenfar1 · Master the Internet
@ividitnm Hey Vidit, thanks for your interest. I haven't reached the stage of putting a price on it yet. This will come later when I can evaluate better the book as a whole, and how much it's worth in both the knowledge value that the readers will gain, and the return profit for the time of my writing. Hope this helps. Please feel free to subscribe as this email list will only be used for the sole reason of giving you updates about the book :)