The app that helps you relax

A breathing session can reduce stress and anxiety, free your mind from bad thoughts, make us more productive in work or study and much more.
That's why Becalm was born, a simple app with a modern and attractive interface that helps you relax with breathing.
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@kaleidscpe Beautiful interfaces for both the landing page and app. I wanted to perform a review on this. Constructive and professional feedback only. Check out the link in my bio to see the format.
@steve_connerton1 Hi Steve, thanks for your feedback. I’d be very glad to hear your words about Becalm. How should I proceed?
Who is the owner? I can't find any contacts on the website. Please provide me email address for business purposes
@chris_toprefback Hi Chris. Contact me on info[at] Thanks. ☺️
I recommend this product! Check out my review for Becalm by visiting the link in my bio.
@steve_connerton1 Thanks so much! I will read it immediately!
@kaleidscpe if you don't mind, I wanted to add your email to my contacts? Review is finished buddy!
@steve_connerton1 Sure, my email is info[at]