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This product is bananas. 1. There is no mention of any audiologist being involved in the product. Audiologist are ear experts, so you'd expect them to have been in the very least consulted and their involvement would be featured as validation. There's an audiology program in Hong Kong and one of Canada's audiology schools is in Vancouver, so there's no regional excuse. 2. You should always have one finger of the hand holding the tool on the person's head when using an otoscope. This is so that if the person moves, you don't hit their tympanic membrane. That they don't use proper form is like if I was selling guns and in my promo video, the person kept their finger on the trigger while walking around. It's a dangerous amateur mistake. 3. This product is going against professional best-practices that state "earwax that does not cause symptoms or block the ear canal should be left alone." ( I understand people use qtips all the time, but it's generally not a good idea. People are into it, so great for them and BeBird, but I think it's worth being informed. Source: I have a PhD in Audiology.
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@rhymeswithsimon Lol. Thank you. Came here to ask all about this...
@rhymeswithsimon There was another product much similar like this called WaxVac that was all over the TV on the shopping channel but had abysmal reviews (it's still on Amazon). I was thinking of buying it but didn't since Almost all doctors recommended against that too for precisely the same reasons, #1 being that not all earwax needs to be cleaned unnecessarily.
sorry... no. Sticking things in your ears is a total no no. Ask any medical professional. I thought I was smart and knew better and I almost did really serious damage to myself. Do you have any backing from any medical body?
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@mickc79 no idea if this product is any good or not, just commenting on this statement of yours: “sticking things in your ears is a total no no” When I was little, I used to have a serious ear wax problem. I’d literally lose hearing because the extra wax would block my ears and needed to get it removed to restore it. A visit to the doctor to clean my ears would last 5 minutes or less, but the doctor charged a fixed price of 50€ per visit (regardless of the service provided and the duration) and his office was far away from home. Also, if the problem happened on a weekend, I’d have to wait at least until Monday to get my full hearing back. My dad has steady hands and lots of tiny tools for work that requires precision. So at some point he started cleaning my ears himself so I wouldn’t have to wait to get them cleaned and my parents wouldn’t have to pay so much every other week or so. Never had any problems with that. I’m not suggesting everybody try to do it themselves obviously. But if somebody has the skill and tools required, why not? :)
Hmmm.... this is timely. I actually had an appointment with an Audiologist yesterday because I bought something similar to this on amazon a few weeks ago and hurt myself. Sticking things in your own ears is SO dangerous. Go and do some research yourself if you think I'm talking nonsense but I can't believe for a minute that this will have any backing or support from any sort of medical body. This is the thing I bought (which has the same attachment as this product): if you want to check it out but i would NOT recommend it.
Also i think your statements "world's safest" and "the safest way" need some validation as I don't believe that for one second.
@mickc79 Hi Mick, thanks for your comments first. The statement "world's safest" and "the safest way" is the result for comparing with other otoscopes like the link you posted. As I mentioned, BeBird A2 is features the 1080P camera, which is so clearly to see your ear canal. And it also come with the PC+Silica Ear-pick & Protective Plug and Disinfection Lamp, BeBird A2 cares the whole process during the checking to cleaning. Last, you cannot judge a knife as a murder than a tool to help human cutting food. So is the BeBird.
@mickc79 @avabebird "you cannot judge a knife as a murder than a tool to help human cutting food" I see BeBird took a course at the NRA before posting this response. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, amirite BeBird?
@avabebird @robinsikkens Best one I heard recently was some idiot saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people" and this other guy replied instantly with "well in that case maybe we shouldn't let people buy guns" and the original idiot was stumped. No comeback.
Hi friends, This is Ava at team BeBird, I would like to introduce a innovative way to check and clean your ear--BeBird A2. It features: 1080P HD Ear Otoscope-- Smallest Body, Powerful Camera. 1080P HD ear-camera assists you in viewing the ear internal in the safest way, which only sizes in 3.5mm.   WIFI Automatic Connection--The automatic connection saves time and more convenience to keep the terrible connection experience away.   PC+Silica Ear-pick & Protective Plug-- The purpose is to prevent the ear stick from being inserted deeper into the ear canal and to protect the eardrum.   Disinfection Lamp--The unique disinfection lamp setting can be automatically sterilized every time after you used the otoscope to protect your health.   Long Battery Time-- BeBird A2 has a large battery inside [350 mAh] which charges quickly. With just one hour of charging you get up to 8 days of regular daily use of your smart ear otoscope.   Pics/Video Record--The BeBird APP comes with a storage space that is able to record what happens when you look at your ear and downloads it into a picture or video mode. BeBird A2 hits the 100% funded within the first launching day. Visit BeBird A2's Indiegogo page to pre-order the otoscope, meet the creators, and learn more about the product that is changing the way caring our ear.  Page Link: About Team BeBird The Team BEBIRD was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2018, whose members are from China and Canada. It has more than 10 years experience in research and development of health-related electronics. They always adhere to a safer, simpler and more comfortable product. They also look forward to developing into a global brand that promotes a “healthy lifestyle”. (Secret Perk for producthunt: If you have any problems, please let me know. Cheers, Ava Team BeBird
Other than supporting the existing criticisms on safety of the product & procedure, I don't know how else to react. This is a QVC product at best; any audience with free time to read comments and conduct a minute of their own research will more than likely avoid the product, if not warn others about the risks involved. This is a sleek-looking product in the middle of a multi-layer sandwich of poor choices.