Beaver Builder

A drag and drop design system for WordPress

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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for all the support. If anyone wants to try Beaver Builder, we have a live demo available here: We also have an awesome user group on Facebook here:
We would also like to extend a huge 'thank you' to Kevin who hunted us!
@robbymccullough We are considering to integrate this with ListingPro Directory Solution for Wordpress on ThemeForest. Current only VC is available with it but beaver seem to be a really good addon for builder.
I'm Divi fan myself but will give it a try.
@csaba_kissi was going to use Divi and even bought it, but returned it. Divi does not support full width pages.
@androidlove I use version 3 and its possible to create full width blocks there
@androidlove I use Divi at my full-time job, all you have to do is make a standard section (blue-colored outer container) and set its row (green-colored inner container) full-width and gutter size to 0.
@androidlove @csaba_kissi Need to go into setting in the row. It absolutely does
@androidlove I've built full width with Divi
I can vouch for @robbymccullough and his team. They have done a phenomenal job with this one. Probably one of the most recommended WP Page builder.
@mrahmadawais thanks so much, Ahmad! :) Much appreciated.
Pippin Williamson (AKA @pippinsplugins) did a very thorough and highly critical review of builder plugins ( Beaver Builder was one of his favorites.
@markbranly awesome article - just wish he had also taken a look at handling of custom post and custom content types - beaver handles these, though many other page builders fail with them
@markbranly @pippinsplugins She must hate page builders because then it is tough to have the world's most narrow content column...
@netback Swing and a miss on assuming that gender:
@markbranly my bad, I only know female Pippins.
We use Beaver Builder and a lot of our projects. It's actually pretty great. I have a bunch of critiques of the page builder, for instance it's not usable on any kind of touch interface, which seems silly. Don't understand why one must go into the live preview in order to do work. It seems like a knowledgeable person could do work directly from the edit screen. Like all live preview Builders if you're using the preview screen is extremely computationally expensive
@trulyadamant Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. :)