Beaumoji by L'Oréal USA

The ultimate beauty emoji keyboard app 💄

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Hello Product Hunt! L’Oréal is excited to unveil Beaumoji, the ultimate emoji keyboard for all things beauty. We know the online conversation around beauty is growing and continuing to spike along with the shorthand language of emojis, and saw an opportunity to provide new expressions and tools for the beauty community that reflect daily conversations we see happening. With Beaumoji, our goal is to provide emojis that beauty enthusiasts crave and represent their unique passions, lifestyles and personalities.
Snaps is proud to be a part of this launch with L’Oréal, and excited to give beauty enthusiast a product that speaks to their ethos. Beaumoji is an app that excites, rewards and delights beauty lovers of all types – putting at their fingertips one-of-a-kind content that takes their messaging game to the next level.
Was just playing with Beaumoji. I found 'on Fleek' that was clearly inspired by Cara. And there is an emoji of the actual lipstick I use - which I am shocked and amazed by. (YSL in red for those curious). How did you pick the specific images that are included in Beaumoji? There are some updates, like 💅 is now available with multiple skin tones and nail polish colors - but others like branded lipstick are more fashion driven images (like Cara's eyebrows).
@corleyh We really looked across what was missing in the emoji space to inspire creative. Consumer insights and social listening were at the core of inspiration.
@jacqvon has found a new look for me