Beatz - Smart Jukebox

Automatically creates playlist for songs on your phone.

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This is really cool.. I just selected one song and forgot about the rest.. Realized an hour later that the songs I had been listening were picked automatically! Must try. Good AI.
I had 718 song on my Android phone. I had been procrastinating for months now to create playlists. I used your product and it created very good playlists. Saved me a lot of time that I would have wasted otherwise on creating playlists. It would be even better if you can suggest to download songs that are not on my phone, based on what I choose to play. Great App... :)
Any possibility of an iOS version coming out?
@braunshizzle Yes, we are developing it for iOS as well.
Best music app for moody people like me. It takes some time the first time you install the app to analyse the songs in your device, but its worth the wait. I played one song and it filtered the similar songs and played them. Saves you the effort to create a playlist for every occasion and your every mood. Highly recommended.
This was the best thing I came across in the recent past around music. Nice work! Very nice app for the tons of music that you have on your phone. It automagically creates playlists based on what kind of music you are playing. Never seen this before in any app. My wife uses an iPhone and wanted to use this app :) Any plans for iphone?
@romilmittal Coming Soon on iOS .... :)