BeatTune - Meaningful Heart Rate

The app that helps you easily understand your heart rate.

Thanks @nedsteeg for product hunting us!!!! A few weeks ago we launched BeatTune: Meaningful Heart Rate (thanks again for all the people feedback during the beta!), with the main objective of understand the heart rate measures on real time, you can choose among three main activities Resting, Moderate or Intense to reflect your physical activity. We are working so hard right now to give more healthy features to the users, like real time alarms, daily resume of your heart rate based in the activities. 😉 Thanks to the team for working so hard on this. 🙌
Nice, @vkt0r. Feature request: a global leaderboard of highest bpm's. j/k 😄
@rrhoover Thank you so much, Nice feature request 😉 🙌
I read your site and still don't get what it does. Is it just a heart rate monitor? Anything related to music?
@joshdance Thanks for ask, the main objective of the app is understand the heart rate readings, the heart rate varies depending of the age of the people, if it's a high athlete, etc. What means this numbers for any non-medical people or at least any people that don't know if it heart rate is well according to its physical activity ? Are you doing well or bad ? With the app you can measure your heart rate on real time directly from your Apple Watch and switch among three main states that reflect your actual physical activity and the app shows you if you're doing well right now in your state in an friendly way. I hope this help you to understand the purpose of the app. 😉