BeatStars is a social music marketplace & distribution co.

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Hey, @abebatshon! As a big fan music fan, I'm particularly interested in startups that help artists although the industry seems to be full of startup skeletons. Why did you build this?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I initially selfishly built the site to congregate the most talented music producers in the world, so I can have first dibs at writing to their hottest beats ;-). But then I also realized there wasn't a music service or distributor that was built with the music producer and their content in mind. Producers traditionally always played the background role in the music industry and now were bringing their talents to the forefront and showing them how to create amazing new revenue streams for themselves. At the core of it all, my passion is helping musicians weave through this crazy industry and represent them the best I can.
Thanks for everyones support! Would love your feedback on BeatStars