Pipes Beats 1 song into a Slack channel for discussion

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Nicolas Spehler@nspehler · Co-founder,
SiongMakerHiring@siong1987 · Engineer, Expa
@nspehler should be fixed now. i have too many connections to the DB. heroku only allows 20 :(
Nicolas Spehler@nspehler · Co-founder,
Ben Basche@basche42 · Product Marketing at Layer
we need an apple music api
SiongMakerHiring@siong1987 · Engineer, Expa
since the tagline doesn't allow me to describe more about the reason why i create this, i will just write it down here. the idea is actually from a friend of mine @dwr. if you remember the early day of turntable fm, it was pretty awesome that we could talk music with others who were in the same room LIVE. with this bot, it will pipe in the current playing beats 1 song live (only the metadata) into a Slack channel so that you can talk music (with enough context) with your coworkers who are also listening to the beats 1 radio. it is basically a cheap turntable fm clone that is on top of beats 1 radio and slack. hope you will enjoy it too :)