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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2014
It's really interesting to see online music kinda come full circle. First it was pandora. Playlists by artist or song -- you could add variety, but it was algorithmic. They called it "the music genome project" and they had a 10-year head start on anyone else. With that, they're still (even more?) relevant today. Then came the "access to everything" apps like spotify and rdio. That's all well and good, but they still need recommendations and playlists and stations. They use echonest, but that can't hold a candle to pandora. Then came songza + frat music and the idea of true curation and recommendations. They're seemingly quite successful. Beats looks and feels a lot like a combination of songza and frat music. Makes me think a few things: 1 - people don't want (open-ended) choice. They want recommendations. "Don't make me think, just give me options" 2 - the human touch goes a long way. Curation by people rather than algorithms alone almost always wins. ...I think those hold true in human behavior, not just in music.
Beats Music has received a ton of hype these past few months. It was originally posted here: They offer a 7-day trial but otherwise Beats Music is a paid-only service. Curious to hear what people think about it.
I wouldn't be so quick to write off Spotify/Rdio. Spotify alone has 24m users: As an Rdio user who likes having open-ended choice, I'm trying Beats for the 7-day trial exclusively to see what I miss compared to Rdio. The userbase on Rdio has me pretty locked in. A friend that works at Beats Music has been hyping the platform for months now. It's got some interesting features and a cool way to put music in front of my finger but searching for a specific album still takes too long by being more complicated than Rdio. Who else is trying it out?
I am doing a similar experiment @alwaysunday. Some people I know feel very locked in to Spotify & Rdio and I don't expect them to go anywhere anytime soon. That being said, I think the competitive advantage Beats has is through their partnership with AT&T. Having the $9.99 packaged into a cell phone bill provides a much lower barrier to acquire users.
@alwaysunday definitely not writing @rdio off...i actually pay for / subscribe to Rdio, Pandora and Songza. I don't think beats will make the cut for me based on my experience with it today, but if it did...i'd probably stop subscribing to both pandora and songza but keep Rdio. @lylemckeany that partnership's interesting. I have AT&T. Could I still pay / subscribe if I have T-Mobile or VZW? I assume yes, just have to pay with a card. AT&T partnership just reduces friction?