Calculate and file crypto taxes in simple and easy steps ๐Ÿ’ธ

BearTax is a trusted cryptocurrency tax software for individuals & CPAs, which provides seamless integration with various exchanges, intelligent matching of trades across exchanges, curated historical data for every coin, ability to review transactions while avoiding force sells/negative balances and provides you required tax documents.

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Very much needed for us Indians! Thank you for making it soo easy!
@harshamv Glad we could help! More integrations coming soon
Could be a very useful resource given the lack of clarity in crypto regulations internationally - but how do you plan to support filing for different nations given the variety of different tax codes and laws? Also, considering the fact that daytraders would be most in need of this resource, and there's nothing between 999 and 100,000 transaction levels, maybe it would make sense to introduce a subscription option, a lower monthly fee that lets them keep an eye on their taxes as they develop, rather than doing it once yearly en masse and potentially being surprised by the figure.
Thanks @chrisskillicorn, for now, we are giving a detailed CSV with taxable transactions, which users can upload into their local tax software or provide it to their CPA and file accordingly. Meanwhile, our BD team is working with CPAs and equivalent accounting professionals in various countries to understand their laws and enhance our platform to meet their needs. That's a great suggestion on making it easy for professional high volume traders to calculate month on month while keeping an eye on their tax obligation.
Looks great! Congrats on the launch ๐Ÿ™Œ
Thank you @jijosunny
Looks nice! What exchanges is it integrated with?
Thanks @srameshrr BearTax is integrated with following exchanges: * Coinbase * Coinbase Pro * Gemini * Kraken * Bittrex * Poloniex * HitBTC * OKEx * Binance * KuCoin * Huobi * Coinspot * BTCMarkets * Independent Reserve * Coinjar * QuadrigaCX * Trade Satoshi * Cryptopia and more...
Love what you built here! What is your story behind BearTax?
@angeliquesocial Our problem statement started with high volume trades, pricey tools and mismatch of withdrawals/deposits with those tools. Tried out several of them and few have refunded as their functionality was breaking. After trying everything out there on the market, we've decided to build our own solution around the end of January 2018 and built BearTax. "Make what people want" - Paul Graham, this is what we believed and worked for us. We've rolled it out to individuals with modest pricing starting $0.99 and live chat available for everyone without discrimination on pricing. Our major intention was to educate users on cryptocurrency taxes, usage of exchange integrations, making them feel safe while connecting APIs as it's only read access. Meanwhile, our business development team focused on building partnerships with CPAs to reach out to wider audience and building BearTax as a crypto tax suite. That's our story and we've had more than 300 happy customers on our platform and growing exponentially. We are a bootstrapped startup having revenues enough to cover operations this year. Thanks for asking and trying our platform :)
@vamshi4001 thanks for your reply. Good luck and congrats on your launch!