Beard Bib 2.0

Hair clippings catcher from Beard King

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What is the big update? Just looks like the bib is made out of better quality? Also, I didn't realise this was a genuine thing that people use often. Thought it was more of a gimmick gift (I don't think I can be blamed for thinking that either)
Hello Lord Ben @bentossell, At first glance it may look the same however we have several improvements based off customer feedback on the first version. Given this product is the first of its kind, it comes off as funny but indeed becomes an important tool part of the grooming regimen. - New cut and sew patterns to optimize coverage including the shoulders. - New suction cups and hooks - New Accessories Tray Table - New grommets on neck straps so you can hang / pause during grooming. - New Self packing Pouch
I remember seeing this on Shark Tank a long time ago. I thought it was a gag gift.
@dredurr Did you like the episode?
I have the Beard Bib 1.0 and this thing is fantastic. @nickgalekovic can you tell us what is new in version 2.0 ? the fact that it packs flat looks like one big benefit.
@_jacksmith I listed the NEW features above in reply to @bentossell
Great idea, and this would be very useful but the price point is too high for what it is. $30 for a bib and 2 suction cups, which is something a lot of people could just make at home? What's your value proposition?
@mbmusgrove I'm surprised Dollar Beard Club doesn't sell one of these... can you patent a bib with suction cups?
Hello Lord Michael @mbmusgrove , There are many products you can DIY, but that's not to say the quality and design will be the same. As simple as this product is we have continuously made improvements over the past two years. The knock-offs that attempted to remake our product are made of very cheap materials and don’t have the same quality craftsmanship. Although it may look simple on the images and video, there are several intricate fabric cuts and interlined materials that makes it work fast and efficient.
@uphillmma @mbmusgrove DBC founders are friends of ours and the product is Patent Pending.
@nicholas_galekovic @mbmusgrove makes sense. This actually makes a ton of sense. As a bald dude who cuts my own hair it would really make life easier! Good luck to you!
@nicholas_galekovic I'm sure it's nice quality and does what it's made for. Much better than my open newspaper on the vanity that I shave over. Getting a patent would be wise B/c replicating it in China at a much lower price point would be simple & really undermine your efforts.
This solves a real pain point! Anyone with a beard knows... lol
@jsztern hey, what pain? Just don't cut your beard. Be the man! :)
You know Lord Jordan @jsztern :)