Popcorn reading for today’s classrooms

Beanz! is the easiest and most fun way to way read with your classroom. Use any online article, no downloads, free to use, and a number of ways to read. Best of all, no more out of pocket spending on classroom reading materials.

Hey PH! Beanz! stems from our appreciation for teachers. We wanted to build a free tool that helps in an area we love the most, reading. Beanz! allows teachers to share online articles in a fun way that students can relate to. We have some big plans for Beanz! and hope you enjoy this first step. We are always open to feedback! 😉
@nickwanninger @bradford_wolf Where would you guys say that Beanz falls on the SAMR model framework?
@nickwanninger @ghundermark Hey Greg! In its current state, Beanz! falls more into the category of augmentation. We wanted to come out of the box with something relatable, and iterate based on feedback with the goal of eventually falling into the modification category. We have a lot of great ideas that we hope to implement here soon!