Smart coffee discovery & subscription. Pandora for coffee.

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oh man --- here we go --- this is so cool
wooohooo! Day-early birthday present for me; proud to be featured on ProductHunt, thanks guys! Here's a present from us to you all; take 20% off any subscription/gift until midnight PDT, 3/31 with code PH If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask here, email (hello at or across social.
This is cool, but how is it different from companies like Driftaway (which I LOVE)?
@dohertyjf Heya John, thanks for the question! There are several differences actually - - the algorithm. I haven't tried Driftaway so I can't say with complete confidence, but my assumption is that when they 'personalize' your coffee, it's big bucket categories they place you in. We actually assign dozens of characteristics to each coffee and can learn which flavor nuances you are liking or disliking, and then make smart recommendations. There is real machine learning going on behind the scenes. The more feedback we receive, the smarter recommendations we can - multi-roaster subscription. Instead of being limited to a few coffees each month from a single roaster, our coffee universe has dozens of coffees from dozens of different roasters and we're on-boarding more all the time. We're a coffee DISCOVERY and subscription service. - highest quality. We have world-class cuppers and on the team who cup every single coffee before it can get in to the subscription. They both score every roast, as well as profile for flavor and other characteristics. That data goes in to the algorithm. Our high bar ensures that every coffee you receive is world-class. We accept only about 3/10 coffees that are submitted for the subscription. It's a premium product. I hope that answers your questions; if you have any more I'd love to answer them!
Nice. Maybe ditch 'Pandora for coffee'...its not needed.
@joelfreeborn Thanks for the feedback Joel! Educating the customer to what we do can get verbose at times; we've learned that with that line, it seems the quickest way to for people to 'get it'. Without fail, simply 'the smart coffee discovery & subscription service' prompts the question, 'oh yeah? What's so smart about it?', lol.