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Beamium is an online platform to share and present documents live. Simple and straightforward, no screen-sharing, no downloads, no add-ons and no registration. Present and share documents in a matter of seconds. We are supporting PDF, PPT(x) and Images.
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Hi Product Hunt community! my name is Philip and I am co-founder and COO of the start-up behind Beamium. Beamium makes it as simple as possible to present & share documents and presentations online. Simply upload your PDF on, share your ID with your audience and present live from browser to browser on their notebooks, tablets and smartphones. No software or registration required. There is an optimized zoom and a precise laser pointer available. With Beamium we want to make it as easy as possible to present, discuss and share documents online - with a great user experience and less than three clicks. There is an optional login which enables the presenter to present the uploaded documents again from anywhere, at any time and from any device (upload via notebook, presentation possible from your notebook, smartphone or tablet). We have the vision to make presentation, project and document sharing as easy as possible. In our opinion, people should be able to share information instantly and effortlessly. I am looking very much forward to your feedback on Beamium and wish you an awesome day! :)
@philip_f_r This is really cool. One feature I would like to see is adding a simple button link on the presentation where users could click. I'm looking for a easier way to upload pdf's for my site, but would like a 'home' button so users can go back. Cheers
@hunterhart thanks so much for this great feedback! Would be nice if you could let us know further details about what exactly you would need and how it should work in detail via so that we can discuss the possibilities. :)
Awesome concept! This would be great to use in the classroom!
@ios_javi thanks for your nice comment! :)
A stunningly simple solution to a problem - absolutely brilliant work and something many, many businesses and educators alike can make use of. Thank you!
@jamiequackers thanks so much for your awesome feedback! Great to hear that you like our work! :)
@philip_f_r It reminds me (and I guess works in a similar way) to the PhotoBeamer app from Nokia that allowed you to share photos to a larger screen; except you've expanded and improved it.
@jamiequackers interesting thought! Actually our start-up wanted to make it very simple to present and share digital handouts in real-time. We started with the idea to share Powerpoint slides in real-time and developed now Beamium as cross-platform tool for sharing and discussing PDF docs live. But great to hear that you see Beamium as improvement to the PhotoBeamer app from Nokia. ;-)
@philip_f_r Something I liked from PhotoBeamer was that the sharing code was presented as a QR code - any plans to try something like this? For the participants using smartphones/tablets/iPad's etc this might be easier than tapping in a code
@jamiequackers great idea! We have many plans for improving Beamium and the sharing feature. ;-) Really appreciate your contribution, we will definitely consider it in our next planning session!
Cool product! Kinda came up with the same idea 2 years ago (, but started working on something else. Great to see new products in the space! Good luck.
@knoddecee thanks for your comment! Sounds interesting, I will try it. :)
Nice idea. I tried it with my own presentation. There are some "issues" I stumbled upon: (1) Do you store the presentations which are uploaded somewhere? I couldn't find a way to delete my uploaded file. (2) In the on boarding process I could barely ready the popups, because of some overlay... Really a bummer. I was using a Safari browser.
@cocoworldwide Hi Corinna, thanks for your questions! 1) For unregistered users, the presentations are automatically "stored" for 14 days. Once uploaded, you find in your menu an option to send a so called "presenter link" to your email address. With this link, you can present the presentation again and again during these 14 days. We delete the presentations of unregistered users automatically after 14 days. But you can also use our optional Login: in this case, you upload after the login and decide how long the presentation stays online, you can present it from your account with one click at any time and delete it whenever you want to! Just try it and let me know what you think. :) 2) That's weird. I guess there was an issue with our welcome tour which is only shown the first time you use Beamium. We will fix that. :)