The best way to notify users about your product updates

#5 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2017

Use Beamer to announce new features, your latest releases, and relevant news. Improve user engagement with a quick and easy changelog.

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Cool. But you should have it embedded on your own website as well so we can see how it looks.
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@catapop84 You are totally right! We forgot to do that. We've just added a "New features" option at the top of our website. Thanks!
Hi @producthunt community and thanks @kwdinc for hunting us! This is Mariano, founder of Beamer and Hibox ( We are really proud to launch Beamer today to help fellow entrepreneurs keep their users more engaged with our SaaS changelog. Don't let your hard work go unnoticed! This product came about from a real problem we wanted to solve at Hibox and I am excited to offer Beamer totally for FREE to help others with the same need. Please send any and all feedback so we can keep improving! Cheers!
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Beamer is a product changelog Saas that helps increase your user engagement by letting you share product improvements, new features, company news and much more directly from your app or site with a simple plug-in, no tech skills required and it's totally free.
@kwdinc Thanks for hunting us Kevin!
Would love to hear if there is any difference between this and or Ps. definitely add that widget to homepage! :)
@benjam1n Sure! We have 3 main differences: 1_ Multilanguage support: this is super important if you have clients in other countries (You can internationalize your posts). 2_ Team: You are able to invite members of your team to help you on Beamer. 3_ Straightforward Video, Image and GIF embedding: No code or markup needed, just 2 clicks. BTW, we've just added a "New features" option on the top of our homepage. So really good suggestion! Our bad for not including from the get go :)
Looks cool and I like the focus on product changes. For someone like us that uses intercom. what are the advantages of adding this when we can do similar things through in app messages?
@johnalxndr Great question John! Actually, we also use Intercom in our parent company and we love it. The problem with Intercom is that it's really difficult to have a repository of product changes. I mean, you can send a message for every new feature but those messages will likely get lost in the conversation. Also most of the time users tend to ignore those messages. With Beamer you have a designated space for users to track product updates and new features. We get 10x more reads of product updates vs. Intercom.
@mariano_rodriguez_colombelli Awesome. Just the answer I needed to take a closer look. Congrats on the launch!
@johnalxndr Thanks! Would love to have your feedback!
@johnalxndr @mariano_rodriguez_colombelli I agree. Plus, I think separating your support / conversation with product features and change log is important. Simplicity is also very key when it comes to features and changelog. If it gets too complicated it won't get done. But with something as simple as this it takes a few minutes to log (and get credit) of even the smallest improvements. Well done!
@johnalxndr @joshuapinter Thank you, that's the idea, to keep it simple for the product owner and the devs. It's not rocket science but it takes its time to develop something like this on your own, specially when it's not your core business. Also I agree that it's better to have the changelog and the conversations separated. Since we start doing this we are getting not only more reads on product updates but also more engagement on chats (without all the noise of constants updates).