Beam Messenger

See what your friends are typing to you, letter by letter

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Technically seems cool but I am not sure what problem this solves?
@joshbarkin yeah, it seems very neat, but i'm not totally convinced the value proposition is strong enough to stand out in such a competitive space. curious to hear the maker's thoughts.
Hey guys! I'm Alec, the maker of Beam. When using real time it so happens that messages and information in general moves faster. You get my message as if I were speaking it to you, and are able to reply just as fast, and on point - at the precise location where you want to address. So no more looking at "..." - you get more engaged with convo. No awkward questions like "what are you referring to?", etc. Once you use it for a bit, it starts to make sense. It's just a different way of communicating, that's all. Beam is sort of positioned on a spectrum between phone calls and texts - right in the middle. Preserves conversational dynamics while allowing for a non-intrusive way to talk. Anything else you want to know, ask away!
Had a chance to test out the new Beam iOS app. The real time nature of seeing what the other person is typing as they're replying is what makes this app stand out. I can see it being used as a Snapchat like messenger because you don't need to send a message. You can type something out, delete it and the other person will still see it.
@robjama With Snapchat you can re-take a photo infinitely before you send. Here there is no deliberation about what you're communicating. I think that both the convenience ("I'll respond when I want to") and deliberation ("I'll think about what I want to communicate") are both reasons why messaging is a better choice to communicate. I may not be the target, but I often think as a I type, and often retract before I send.
This would be perfect for the AMA's Until they bring back the live video chat. 😻👻
FYI i can't invite because the btn is below the keyboard if I type in a name to find it in my contacts. Same with entering the SMS code.
@jonatisokon Also, there's an automated service that keeps calling me for my Beam activation code.
@jonatisokon what button are you referring to? the searchbar where it says "enter username or email" is just to manually add them by those 2 parameters. For contactbook adding, you scroll, and then click their name to choose method to add.