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Interact with your favorite streamer's gameplay in realtime

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'Interactive Twitch Alternative' ? Just saw that Beam won TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 Here is the pitch (CEO is 18!!)
@bentossell amazing presentation. Did you hear they first called themselves Pied Piper?
@bentossell Thanks for posting! Really excited to be here!
@mattsalsamendi today must be a pretty crazy day tell the PHers the story :)
@bentossell Sure! We founded our first startup back in 2011 and while we were growing it we worked with tons of awesome content creators on both Twitch and YouTube (I moderate for a bunch of large Twitch casters to this day!). When Twitch started moving towards eSports (namely with the change of streaming protocols from RTMP to HLS) it nearly destroyed the interaction between viewers and streamers in community focused streams. Since we had thousands of servers all over the world and an awesome engineering team at MCPro, it seemed like a natural progression, and so we set out to build a streaming platform that had interactivity at its core. 200ms stream latency using WebRTC, interactive game integrations so viewers can get involved with gameplay, chat polls, and native moderation tools are all things we prioritized early on. We launched a beta in January and today we have over 110,000 people watching and interacting with content every month!! Super excited about that and things to come... keep an eye out!
@bentossell Awesome I loved the presentation. This will be huge! :)
Was at TechCrunch to see these guys present. Spoke to them out in the Alley a few times. The CEO is 18 and has already built and sold his previous company. He also has 21 employees, at 18!!! He was super articulate and confidently answered every question the panel had for him. Super impressed with these guys, the tech is awesome too! Great things to come!
@troy_ruediger I HAVE DONE NOTHING
@chrismessina haha don't worry. Me either
Met the guys at Disrupt. Super nice and humble. Really glad they won!
@zallen Thanks so much Zak! Was great meeting you guys!
Nice work. I've been lurking on Beam for the past month or so. Excited to see where you take it next!