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#5 Product of the DayNovember 19, 2014
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Hey Product Hunters, I’m David from Awkward, the company that created Beam. Happy to answer any questions and please post any feedback you have. Happy redditting ;-) Thank you @jonnotie for posting!
@davidvanleeuwen @jonnotie +1 for the company name!
@davidvanleeuwen @jonnotie Whoa. Nice stuff, David. Mind if I email you? I'll follow you on twitter - follow me back plz!
@alexisohanian Thanks Alexis, means a lot coming from you! I didn't realise I wasn't following you on Twitter *facepalm*
Have some Cake to celebrate!
@larkef *WINK* Thanks Jord!
Thanks guys for the feedback ( We already submitted a new version to the App Store that will solve a few bugs and increase the performance of the app. Let us know what else you guys are looking for in a reddit client!
A new version (1.0.1) is now available in the App Store, that includes a new app icon, improves performance and fixes bugs.
@davidvanleeuwen share button is still crashing the app.
@_gordee thanks for pointing this out. 1.0.2 is in review, which will fix this, among some other bugs.
@davidvanleeuwen cool. Very clean overall
Awesome. I've been beta testing it and it works great. I know that the team is actively improving it so I can't wait to see where this product is gonna go.