Encrypted router protecting your data, location and devices


Beam is a router that provides more than just WiFi, it encrypts all of your information so your internet provider can't see what you're doing and services can't track you. It protects all the devices in your home from threats online and keeps your physical location hidden so you can access any part of the internet, from anywhere in the world.

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David West
Bahr Abdul Razzak
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  • David West
    David WestProduct @ Nibble Apps

    Amazing controls, privacy and speeds


    Bring on October...

    Having used Flter previously, I am 100% convinced of Beam's capabilities and technology. It's going to be a powerful product and one that I could not be more excited about reviewing.

    David West has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Nice Firewall features,


    It's VPN on Router

    I don't think the product can "protect", the video promo might mislead people that this will protect them 100%

    Bahr Abdul Razzak has never used this product.