Beaker Notebook

The polyglot’s universal translator for data science

This is from @scott_draves, the creator of Electric Sheep. Most of its use cases are over my head, but I'm guessing some hunters will appreciate the utility of this software.
Thanks Chris. Happy to answer any questions from the community here. One teaser I can offer: we have an native version of Beaker based on Github's Electron working and it will be included in our next major release. Look at my tweets from last week to find the link.
@scott_draves Beaker is amazing, thanks for putting this out there. It came really handy today when I had to graph some abstract server data.
@allanmacgregor @scott_draves you are very welcome, i'm so proud of the team and honored to be working on open source. btw we have an acute need for frontend javascript developers, fulltime in NYC, if anyone wants to join us...
I can't wait to try this! Always exporting between pandas and JS's such a pain!