Measures how "smart" your tweets are

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Interesting - came out with this today:
my twitter stats: "6th grade level Smartest Tweet: your gonna be left on a NJ street corner in the rain with 500+ linkedin connections wondering where it all went wrong with a grade level of 13.0 Un-Smartest Tweet: you're all set Arshad :) with a grade level of 3.1"
Apparently I'm a 6th grade tweeter. I tweet good.
I am amused that @BoredElonMusk ranks “smarter” than @elonmusk.
hey, i built this on july 4th. it analyzes the grade level of a twitter account by using the SMOG readability index and tells you your "smartest" and "un-smartest" tweets. there's also a leaderboard. enjoy your beak scores!