Beadifier PRO

Recreate photos using ironing beads a pro!

Beadifier PRO makes it easy to turn anything into awesomely pixelated fuse bead art. Simply import an image to convert, choose a bead palette and export the pattern.

Beadifier PRO is everything you already love about Beadifier + so much more!

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I love this ❤️! I love art with the bead look. I never knew the term for it. What’s the backstory on Beadifier? How long did it take you to build? What does the stack look like? Do you have competition? If so who are they? What is your growth plan? Dope 🚬🚬
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@dredurr Thanks a lot 😊 I’ve built Beadifier over the last six months. I got the idea when I wanted to make a fuse bead pattern based on a photgraph (I’ve always been fascinated by pixel art and how you can apply concepts like dithering to create satisfying results within certain limitations). I hope I can reach a target group that apprechiates the creative opportunities that Beadifier provides 😊
Very cool! I wrote the first "image to beads" app for iOS back in the day and had a lot of fun. Then a younger me let a "big app" company handle the code, and they jacked up the price and never really did anything with it, so it's no longer in the store. I think I still have my roadmap laying around @mikaelaa if you want to see if there's any inspiration in it :)
@rgoodwin Thanks 😊 Bead art has endlessly fascinating opportunies. I’d be very keen to see the roadmap.
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@mikaelaa Add me on twitter and I will see what I can dig up :)
I have a question - is there any way to make the rows of beads exactly 1/2 a bead off from the row above and below? The purpose of this would be for circular objects to have less empty space around them in a mosaic.
@laurenwhite This functionality is not available at the moment, but I realise that this is a sought after feature, seeing as a lot of bead platters have this kind of hexagonal bead placement. Definitely something for a future update. Thanks for the interest. 😊