Beacon Me

An emoji-laden discovery platform for travelers

Beacon Me is an emoji driven discovery platform that visually connects travelers with the world around them. We use emoji to highlight local places and businesses. This design eliminates the need to guess if you’re looking at a restaurant, a bar or a dog park. You're in control so that you can travel better, and experience more.

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Hi guys, Thanks for giving us an upvote! I'm Matt Mason and one of the co-founders of Beacon Me - a new emoji-driven discovery platform. Beacon Me is designed to promote better destination exploration by eliminating having to guess at what a pin or generic icon represents. We use emoji because they are a better representation of the places that you can discover and experience. Emoji also generate a higher impulse to explore because you're visually connecting with places that are around you and aren't being dragged down by selecting pins that you aren't interested in. We also highlight cool, hidden or unique areas with dynamic filters specific to each destination. We added them because we wanted to inspire better exploration without needing to have an exact idea of what you're in the mood to experience. Our main city is Philadelphia, but we're continuing to add new places to explore every day. Thanks again and I'm happy to answer any questions that you may have about Beacon Me. We're free on iPhone today and will be expanding to Android and Web in the future!
How do I place a beacon? :( my city is barren
@kevando_ Thanks for the question Kevin! We made a conscious decision to only work with local businesses, visitor bureaus (VBs) and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) to curate the best, most unique, and newest locations around a given destination, which is why Philadelphia currently has the most Beacons. As we build out our platform we're researching and adding more places every day because we want to show different VBs and DMOs what they're missing out on and why a single platform is better than their fragmented system of individualized apps. I'd love to chat over email and get some location suggestions so that we can start populating your hometown and get that conversation started! you can reach me at Best, Matt
Where are you getting the data for this?
@jonmrich at this juncture any Beacon that you see at a given location is curated based on information given to us by local DMOs and CVBs. We're being pragmatic in our growth method and have explored a few other APIs that could populate "everything" on the map, but it's not what we're going for and we want to make sure that any Beacon on the map is appropriately categorized and approved before it gets posted.