Directly fund long form content.

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Curious to hear what @lenkendall thinks of this.
Thanks for the submit. We launched in September and have been cranking away since. Happy to answer any questions.
Welcome, @danielfletcher! I'm particularly interested in the publishing space and creative business models. I like that you've included crowdsourcing. People back Kickstarter campaigns in part because they become a part of the "creation" and receive credit (e.g. producer credits). How do you think about incentivizing and rewarding people for supporting these writers and reporters?
Part of what I think makes this model work is the really close tie between one reader and one writer. Right now, a reader has to choose one creator to support - they can access every story by every writer, but their monthly support benefits one person directly. Going forward, we'll find new ways to build on the intimacy of that connection, whether it's credit, events, features, etc. Lots to play with, and we'll be rolling our more there soon. We're also letting creators experiment with including physical items as part of their project, like Sion did here:
Very timely submission! Marc Andreessen took over Twitter this afternoon talking about new business models in news/publishing with crowdfunding mentioned frequently. Maybe you two should compare notes ;)